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Corona Virus Alert

Dear Customers, as Corona virus is spreading it is critically important to have thorough disinfection in order to secure your safety. 

Rugwash Inc is uniquely positioned to do high temperature cleaning in order to kill Corona virus. We have great specials, please call us at 800-784-9274 and we will do our best so together we will overcome the deadly threats. 

Due to serious threat of Corona virus, Rug Wash Inc. is providing free antivirus disinfection with every job performed. We determined to do our best in elimination of this deadly threat.

Rug Wash Inc. has the largest selection of services for any kind of handmade rugs as well as wall to wall carpet cleaning. 

At Rug Wash, Inc., we customize our services for every rug we clean. We specialize in cleaning modern and antique rugs for residential and commercial accounts and rug dealers. 

Our objective is 100% satisfaction of our customers. Rug Wash is well known for using only the most tried and tested rug cleaning methods including  state-of-the-art rug cleaning equipment, non-toxic, environmentally friendly rug cleaning supplies, cleaning agents and well-trained rug cleaning service technicians. Rugs cleaned by Rug Wash stay cleaner longer and promote a healthier, cleaner working and living environment for you, your family and pets.
We maintain the highest service standards in the rug cleaning industry. We inspect all rugs after the drying and grooming process to ensure that no detergent residue was left. 


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Commercial Carpet Cleaning

by Rug Wash,Inc.

Rug Wash Inc offers commercial rug and carpet cleaning in New York, South Connecticut and North New Jersey. We provide a wide range of rug and carpet cleaning services: stain removal, cleaning of rugs and wall to wall carpets for commercial buildings, offices, cinemas, doctor's offices, galleries, malls, restaurants, schools, hotels, department stores and more.




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