Rug Stripping

Rug Stripping

Most oriental rugs imported in the U.S. during the mid-20th century were heavily dyed which prevented them from shining like jewels. While most carpets have fibers that are overdyed, various color finishes enhance color and increase value.

A decade ago, burgundy and other deep hues were the colors of choices for rugs. However, in today’s market, a more antique appearance is desirable. This look can be achieved by a process called stripping.


What Is Rug Stripping?

The stripping process allows us to achieve a very desirable aged color and look with a permanent reduction of pigment strength (10 to 40 percent). This process is inspired by the colors of true antique rugs.

For example:

  • Burgundy transforms into coral, salmon or brown/red.

  • Indigo changes to much lighter blue.

  • Green becomes yellow/green.

  • Beige adjusts to a light brown.

  • Yellow shifts to gold.

Rug Stripping Benefits

  1. Results in softer, translucent, true antique colors.

  2. Creates an unusual and much more expensive look – the color appears aged and uncommon, like an authentic and rare antique.

  3. Eliminates color inconsistencies.

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