Rug QualityStanding outside the Modell’s on New York’s Upper East side for 10 minutes showcased an array of urbanites trekking in and out. There were workmen with dirty boots fresh from the Second Avenue subway construction, a parade of animals dragging their owners from the nearby Petco, teens pouring out of the movie theater across the street, kids with skateboards and the odd woman who hauled her bike inside. All of them traipsed straight across the carpet in Modell’s, the country’s oldest sporting goods chain which was founded in 1889. Most likely they’ve replaced their carpets during their 122 years in business, and luckily they’re cleaning them as well with New Jersey’s 800 Rug Wash.

Did you know that carpet is 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat, containing 200,000 bacteria per square inch, according to Phillip Tierno, Director of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at NYU. That’s because gravity causes common particles, such as dust, pollen and pet and insect dander to fall to the floor where carpet fibers trap the particles, essentially acting like air filters. Throw in dust mites and allergens, and rugs are a silent health hazard, contributing to poor indoor air quality.

Indoor air pollutants are a hot topic these days, and airborne bacteria can lead to range of allergies, skin irritations, respiratory illnesses and unhealthy work environments. In fact, employees at Levi Strauss, US West, BP Amoco and even the Environmental Protection Agency, have all claimed they suffered sick-building-related illnesses. Cases like these happen so often that the World Health Organization estimates that one out of every three workers may be toiling away in a workplace that is making them sick, according to a 2000 article in Businessweek. And sick workers mean higher insurance claims, lost work time and depleted morale.

One easy way to keep your building and your company healthy is to keep you carpets clean and Benjamin Hatooka of Rug Wash offers these tips:

  • First, vacuum the carpet daily with a commercial vacuum. Dust is the most dangerous along with dirt from street, and walking on a rug releases dust into the air.
  • Clean you rugs professionally four times per year. Rug Wash cleans wall to wall carpeting in the store with hot steam and shampoo. We clean after hours so customers won’t slip during the process, and we can cover 100,000 square feet per night. Carpets need 5 hours to dry and we leave a blower with cold air. The next morning they’re dry and ready for business.
  • Spot clean. Some spots don’t come out with basic cleaning, and Rug Wash treats various stains– rust stains, color stains, bleach stains–with different products. We have a specialist in who focuses on removing stains and revitalizing and repainting color.
  • Take area rugs take to a facility for cleaning. Rug Wash’s 20,000 square foot headquarters houses a dusting machine in which rugs are placed face down, belts knock on the back, dusts comes to the front and it’s then vacuumed out. (Add YouTube video of dusting machine.) After that, some rugs are hand washed, like vegetable dyed rugs, others are washed in the pool if it’s a chemical dye, and put through a rinsing machine.
  • Use green products: After vacuuming, Rug Wash uses a special shampoo, called Quick Cleaning, letting the formula break down the dirt. With a citric acid base, it’s kid- and animal-friendly.
  • Clean rugs properly based on their material. Rug Wash uses white vinegar with soap on vegetable dye rugs, which stabilizes color, stops bleeding and enhances shine. For chemical dye we add baking soda to soap for a higher pH which makes wool softer and the dirt comes out easier. On polyester carpet we use baking soda, and on real and faux silks we use white vinegar. Rugs are then put in dry room and dried for four hours at 90 degrees, and the heat process sanitizes and kills bacteria.

Rug Wash’s satisfied clients in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut areas include Best buy, Kohl’s, AMC Theaters, Staples, Models and Strawberry stores.

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