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Specializing in Cleaning, Area Rugs, Oriental Rugs, Persian Carpets and all things Rugs throughout!

At Rug Wash, Inc., we utilize different rug cleaning processes for each and every rug we clean and care for. We specialize in cleaning modern and antique rugs for residential and commercial accounts, rug dealers and commercial importers.

Our objective is to achieve complete cleanliness along with eliminating any stains, spills, soil, odors and allergens. Rug Wash is well known for using only the most tried and tested rug cleaning methods including patented state-of-the-art rug cleaning equipment, non-toxic, environmentally friendly rug cleaning supplies, chemicals, cleaning agents and well-trained rug cleaning service technicians. Rugs cleaned by Rug Wash stay cleaner longer and promote a healthier, cleaner working and living environment for you, your family and pets.

We maintain the highest standards in the rug cleaning industry, inspecting all rugs after the drying and grooming process to ensure that no detergent residue was left behind and that our rug cleaning procedure was followed down to the smallest detail.

We would be grateful for the opportunity to earn consideration as your system-wide rug cleaning service provider.

We do not cut corners, we clean them for a healthier, cleaner working and living environment.

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The More You know…

Rug Quality

Standing outside the Modell’s on New York’s Upper East side for 10 minutes showcased an array of urbanites trekking in and out. There were workmen with dirty boots fresh from the Second Avenue subway construction, a parade of animals dragging their owners from the nearby Petco, teens pouring out of the movie theater across the street, kids with skateboards and the odd woman who hauled her bike inside. All of them traipsed straight across the carpet in Modell’s, the country’s oldest sporting goods chain which was founded in 1889.

Most likely they’ve replaced their carpets during their 122 years in business, and luckily they’re cleaning them as well with New Jersey’s 800 Rug Wash.  

Did you know that carpet is 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat, containing 200,000 bacteria per square inch, according to Phillip Tierno, Director of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology at NYU…

Commercial Carpet Cleaning
by Rug Wash, inc.

For 30 years Commercial Carpet Cleaning by Rug Wash, Inc. has provided commercial rug & carpet cleaning to New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. We offer the lowest rates and deals for corporate accounts, with a large selection of rug & carpet cleaning and maintenance services. We clean rugs & carpets for commercial buildings, office buildings, department stores, hotels, galleries, malls, restaurants, museums, doctor offices and more! Specialties include: stain removal, maintenance, and cleaning of badly beaten rugs / carpets as well as high traffic area rug cleaning.

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Our Facility & Rug Cleaning Equipmen

Rug Wash Equipment

In 2012, Rug Wash, Inc. purchased a simple rug washing machine that included three departments and turned it into a custom made rug cleaning machine for Oriental rugs and Persian carpets.  Our rug cleaning machines have the capacity of washing 1,000 sq ft of rugs and holding 4,000 gallons of water in only one rug cleaning load.  Each rug cleaning load takes about an hour to finish. This wonderful custom made rug cleaning machine leaves rugs looking sparkling clean.

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