I had a few old rugs that needed to be repaired and cleaned because they hadn’t been treated for years. It took me several days to google rug cleaning and repair companies that can be trusted. In a bunch of companies, I found Rug Wash because according to their reviews and customers before and after photos they seemed to be very reliable and professional. After the estimate I was provided with on spot, the technician took my rugs and promised to return them in 10 days. After 9 days I got my rugs back and they look amazing. They are bright, clean and with no damages that were much visible before. Great job done!
As a doctor that has his own office, I’m delighted to work with this company. I pay much attention to cleanliness, of course, and these guys are cruel professionals. They always clean the carpets and upholstery thoroughly and do disinfection which makes my office very clean and ready to accept patients. I know our cooperation will continue.
These people simply know rugs. I was impressed with the estimate they provided. It was done so professionally by inspecting the rugs, their origin, fiber types and type of treatment required. I was sure they will do the right thing to my rugs. After 5 days I got my rugs back looking brand new and being so soft.
Having right carpet cleaning company is as important as having a right dentist or hairdresser. I have so much confidence in this company because they’ve never failed to meet my expectations for all of these years.
Your expert Ben saved me from buying new area rug for my living room. I thought there was no chance to get rid of a big coffee stain considering the lightness of my carpet but the stain is no longer there and it looks brand new.