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This is one of our cleaning machines. We also offer hand washing for delicate rugs..

We clean and repair all rugs: Oriental, Persian, Tibetan, Chinese, Turkish, antique, area rugs, silk, wool, polyester, leather, shag, modern, vintage, tufted, needle point, tapestries etc.

Our services are offered to residential and commercial accounts as well as rug dealers, commercial importers and museums.

You can count on our company to provide best ever rug cleaning, repair, stain, odor and dust removal. We are world best in repair and any color correction services. We also specialize in mold, moth and water damage treatment.

In order to get the best result, we will analyze and devise a cleaning process for each and every rug. The following is our 8 step rug cleaning process:


Each rug received in our factory goes through a thorough preliminary inspection to determine the condition of the rug. This examination is important because it prevents damages. After examination we decide which specific  treatments each rug needs prior to wash and which services is appropriate for each rug. Our inspection will pay attention to:

  • Condition
  • Wear and Tear areas
  • The nature of discoloration and stains
  • Pinpointing the pet urine stains
  • Suggested repair and restoration services


Removal of dusting is our specialty. Our dusting is far superior to any other companies. With our customized, state of art dusting equipment we are able to remove almost 100% of dust during our rug cleaning process. As a result you will have clean and healthy environment for yourself, your family and your pets.

Our dusting includes tumbling, beating and totally unique dust extraction process.


We wash the rugs on both sides with our proprietary formulas. After that, rug is subjected to thorough rinse for removal of detergent residues.


If the rug has pet urine, odor, any kind of heavy and difficult to remove soils and stains, soaking process becomes necessary. This process takes one or two days and enables us to remove all kinds of dirt and odor from the rug.


This special wash will allow your rug to become brighter and shinier. It’s very important for Persian Kerman rugs.


This process is done with soft plastic brushes after washing and rinsing. It preserves the wool fiber and prevents loosing the tightness of naps.


We dry rugs in our climate controlled drying room to remove the moisture and prevent mold and mildew. We use a humidifier heater and fan for movement of air. Drying time depends on a rug and can take from 6 to 24 hours.


In the end, we perform a thorough final rug inspection. Our goal is customer satisfaction. It’s that final touch that means so much.

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Antique Rugs are usually colored with vegetable dye. We use special shampoo to make sure color will not bleed during the cleaning process. Antique rugs are cleaned mostly by hand and we use a lot of water for rinsing. After cleaning the drying process is fast, resulting in beautiful, softer and vibrant color of your rug.

Silk Rugs require special cleaning because they are made out of unstable vegetable dyes and ink. You want to make sure the texture of the silk will stay soft and shiny. Silk rugs need very gentle one direction brushing so the design stays sharp and keeps the rug vibrant and shiny.  Some rugs are made from artificial silk which looks like silk but it’s not. Silk alike looking rugs require different process. Most important when cleaning silk rugs is to understand how to do PH adjustment to prevent color run.

Leather Rugs are treated with a special detergent. We dust the leather and dry clean it. After drying it we do a special brushing to make it fluffy.

New Rugs, Chinese Rugs and Chemical Dye Rugs always require different cleaning treatment and expertise.

For Shag Rugs and White Rugs, the most important part is to remove the dust from inside of the rug using a tumbling machine prior to washing. We have special shampoos for this type of rugs to prevent browning.

Tufted Rugs  in China and India are made with glue. As rug is getting old, glue makes it smell and on occasion glue turns into white powder. In this instance, we heavily recommend removing the backing and doing regluing.  For Tufted rugs we provide a surface wash with a steam machine, 600 PSI minimum power for injecting steam into fabric and after this it should be very thoroughly clean.

When cleaning Needle Point Rugs, we use special detergents. After cleaning Needle Point rug, it requires blocking to keep the shape.

For all tapestries we use hand wash.



We have many different custom made machines to make your rugs amazingly clean.



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We at Rug Wash maintain the highest standards. We perform a thorough final inspection to each and every rug. Our goal is customer satisfaction. We don’t hesitate to repeat any steps that might be necessary to provide you with the best results possible. It’s that final touch that means so much.

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