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We are known to offer the lowest rates in the industry. All of our prices and packages include a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!

Section 1 – Rug Cleaning

Rug Wash is known to be the ONLY company in the tri-state area with a state of the art facility. We have special machinery, hand picked and custom made to serve all your rug needs.

1 ) Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning is a cleaning method that is involves a very high heat level that can reach up to 280 degrees. Steam cleaning is also good for surface cleaning.

Price $2.00 – $3.50 sq/ft

NOTE: some rug materials and color may not be steamed due to shrinkage and fading due to heat


2) pH Neutralization
PH balancing is a process that will neutralize the pH balance of your rug fabric to bring it back to original level. There is a range from 0 to 14 to indicate the pH level of a fabric, new fabrics stand at a 7. It is important to understand that pH is a measure of intensity for soil and stains. Each pH level differs for various types of soils, dirt and stains. This is a must if you have children and pets.

Price $3.00 -$6.00 sq/ft


3) Regular Shampoo Cleaning
Regular shampoo cleaning is the most cost effective way to have your rugs cleaned, this process uses a heavy duty shampoo cleaning method. Rugs are set to soak upside down so rug fibers are cleaned as deep as possible. Rug Wash guarantees 50-70% stain removal using this process.

Price: $5.00 – $8.00 sq/ft


4) Deep Shampoo Cleaning
Deep shampoo cleaning is the only rug cleaning process in our facility that gives you the top rug cleaning result. It includes our heavy duty shampoo, sanitizes, deodorizes, disinfects and most importantly it includes our stain removal process. With the stain removal process added we guarantee 80-98% of stain removal.

Price: $7.00 – $12.00 sq/ft


5 ) Dry Cleaning
For sensitive rug fabrics, our dry cleaning method is used. This process does not involve use of water for cleaning, instead it is similar to steam but instead a low level of heat. This rug cleaning method is best for silk and animal skin rugs.

Price: $5.00 – $8.00 sq/ft


6) Water Damage Cleaning
At Rug Wash we specialize in water restoration of all types of rugs whether machine made or handmade. We are able to stop bleeding of a rug caused by water. Prior to cleaning a rug damaged by water, heavy extraction to remove all water from the rug is performed first, followed by our deep shampoo cleaning then the rug is treated for mold and mildew (mold & mildew treatment comes with a 3 year warranty even if the rug gets wet again during that time). Our technicians will advise which damaged areas of your rug will be irreparable.

Price: $4.50 – $15.00 sq/ft
(price varies on rug fabric and dyes)

Please see our repair section for additional repair options.


7) Urine Treatment
Urine treatment is an additional process that can be added to any rug cleaning service but is included in the deep shampoo cleaning. We guarantee 100% urine odor removal.  If purchased as an additional service to services 1, 2 or 3 listed above, the price is $2.00 – $3.00 sq/ft


8) Organic Cleaning
Our organic cleaning method is FREE, there is no additional cost when requesting this service for any rug cleaning method. This non-toxic and chemical free detergent is safe for pets and children. Organic cleaning is a must for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.


Section 2 – Rug Repairs

Rug Restoration

At Rug Wash, our staff holds two or more decades of experience in the industry. We guarantee ALL repairs are completed on our premises and are not subcontracted to a third party. With our highly experienced staff, we can also guarantee re-weaving and color restoration amongst all other repairs are completed with 100% satisfaction.

We offer a long list of rug repair services. Due to each repair ranging from problem, fabric and size, we cannot provide an exact price for each. For this reason, we offer
FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATES to ensure you are accurately quoted.

To list a few of our services:

  • Manual Rug Binding & Fringing
  • Machine Rug Binding & Fringing
  • Rug Binding Repair
  • Rug Repair – Resize (Cut & Seam)
  • Rug Repair – Wool Color Restoration
  • Rug Repair – Silk Color Restoration
  • Rug Repair – patching
  • Rug Repair – Cut
  • Rug Fringe Repair & Replacement (by Hand)
  • Rug Repair – Blocking (stretching make it square)
  • Rug Repair – Backing Replacement
  • Rug Repair – Moth Damage
  • Rug Repair – Weaving
  • Rug Repair – Seam Repair (re-sizing & seaming – changing size by adjoining carpets)


Section 3 – Color Wash

Overdyed RugsWe offer a few Color Wash options, all which transform your rug into a new looking one. We can color wash any material (excluding polyester), any size and the wash is completely safe to for pets and children.

  • Overdye Color Wash – changes your rug dolor to any base color of your choice.
  • Antique Color Wash – color becomes smooth pastels, rug is softer and feels like a museum rug.

Over dye Price: $4.00 -$7 .00 sq/ft
Antique Wash Price $5.00 – $8.00 sq/ft


Section 4 – Padding & Protection

Rug Pad1) Rug Pads

A rug pad is the best investment for your rug. Not only can a rug pad increase the life of your rug, it’s also great for preventing cold from passing into a room, protects wood floors from the webbing of your rug and/or heavy furniture, noise reduction and comfortable to walk on. Rug pads are perfect for preventing rugs from shifting from their placements, this is also great for runners.

Rug Wash offers dual surface indoor down under premium rug pads which are 3 layered, nonslip and collects moisture to keep your rugs dry and fresh. If you have a rug without a rug pad placed under it, you are damaging your rug every time you walk on it; the fabric of your rug is being pulled which is causing the seams of your rug to open. Since handmade rugs do not have support like machine made rugs (glue on the back and strong binding) they are more sensitive. If you have a handmade rug without rug padding, in time, you will notice white dots on the back of the rug which means, your rug is slowly ripping. Adding a pad under your rug alleviates any pressure to your rug and causes the padding to break apart which is good because your padding is taking a beating instead of your rug and your rug will stay in great condition. We offer a LIFETIME warranty on our rug pads, a completely free replacement of your previous rug pad purchase from Rug Wash. Shipping Costs is all you’re responsible for.

Price $2.95 – $3.95 sq/ft includes lifetime warranty


2 ) Rug Protection
Our rug protection is a scotch guard of some sort. Each and every rug fabric is circular with holes all around, therefore, when any spill occurs on the rug, it will always make a round mark. Our rug protection method fills these holes to reduce the chance of any kind of liquid, dirt and dust mites to get within your rug fibers, leaving them on the surface instead, making spills easily removable and dust and dirt easily vacuumed.

Our rug protection is available in water base and oil base:

Water base provides 1 year rug protection
Oil base provides 2 to 3 years rug protection (depending on the amount applied)

Price: $2.00 sq/ft

All rugs MUST be cleaned prior to our rug protection application process.


3) Insect Protection
Rug insect protection works very similar to our general rug protection process the only difference is a special detergent is used. This process prevents insects from eating or coming near your rug. We also offer a treatment to kill and remove any insect eggs or nesting.

Price: $3.00 sq/ft

All rugs MUST be cleaned prior to our rug insect protection application process.


4) Rug Fire Proofing
The benefit of fire proofing your rug is so if a fire occurs on the rug it will extinguish more quickly and prevent the fire from spreading to your home and saving your rug. Another benefit is if a fire has occurred off of the rug, the rug can prevent it from spreading further around your home.

Due to each rug ranging from fabric and size we cannot provide an exact price for this service. For this reason, we offer FREE NO OBLIGATION ESTIMATES to ensure you are accurately quoted.

We also offer Fire Damage Cleaning for rugs.

Please see our repair section for additional repair options


Section 5 – Additional Services

  • Rug Gum Removal – $20 per gum
  • Rug Softener Treatment – $1.00 sq/ft (an addition to rug cleaning service chosen)
  • Rug Shearing (Pile Shave) – $4.00 – $7.00 sq/ft (price varies on rug thickness )
  • Rug Appraisal – $150 per rug
  • Rug Storage at our facility – $0.10 sq/ft / month (pickup & drop-off charges apply)


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